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Information regarding the Community Wildfire Protection Plan has been added.  Updates will be added as they are received.

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  The mission of the Mosquito Fire Safe Council is to protect the people of the Mosquito Fire Protection District and their property from the effects of catastrophic wildfire through education, cooperation, innovation and action.

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Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!

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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (herein named CWPP)

The fire safety grant, or CWPP,  is wonderful opportunity for all residents within the Mosquito Fire Protection District.  All residents, all associations, all groups should take this to heart and work together to ensure a viable safety area in which we all live.   The CWPP is still in its 'infancy' as this is written and much more information will be forthcoming and passed on to you.  Please consider using this website, as well as the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council's (EDCFSC) site to obtain as much information as possible.  Please bookmark this page and this one EDCFSC.  Additional information regarding the CWPP can be obtained by clicking HERE. A complete PDF copy (307 pages) of the CWPP is also available by clicking the button below.

PDF Version of CWPP

VOLUNTEER - Help make our area fire safe!

Any good plan of action needs support from the community -

Directly below are three contact boxes.  Each contact box has been set up for a particular purpose.  Please ensure you provide your name, address, phone number, and email address in the message box.  

The first is for those who wish to be trained by CalFire to evaluate properties for defensible space.  This training will assist property owners to determine their best course of action to make their properties more fire safe.

The second contact box is for those that can volunteer their time, and any equipment or tools, to help prepare properties for fire safety.  Can you operate a chain saw, feed a chipper, remove or cut back a branch, trim a shrub.  Whatever you are good at will be a huge assistance to make the fire safety plan come together.  Help others and others will help you. 

The third contact box is for those that wish to participate but aren't 100% sure as to the who, what, when, and where that may be expected.  If you are interested in becoming a defensible space team member and improving your household please use that contact box to begin your process of getting involved.  As more folks begin to sign up more information will be provided to you.


Sign up to be a Defensible Space Evaluator

Please supply your name, address, phone #, and email in message box

A mandatory CalFire training class is required.

You will be notified of date, time, and location of the training session.

Sign Up for a Volunteer Work Team

Interested to help out on a work team? Please list your name, address, phone #, and email in the message box. Also - please list any equipment or tools you may have for use to help out; such as chainsaw, splitter, chipper, etc.

Thank you for helping make the community a safer place.

As soon as the program swings into action we will notify you and request your assistance.

Sign Up for Improving your household

Please use this contact form to sign up to create and maintain defensible space around your home; keep record of time and tools used, areas mowed, trees felled, etc. This information will help fulfill the "in-kind" participation. This type of safety work is already something most of us do on our properties. A standardized record sheet will be developed and shared.

You shall be contacted as soon as the program begins, which may be late March, early April.  We appreciate your patience.

California Department of Insurance

This is the State of California Department of Insurance summary and proposed solutions regarding the availability and affordability of coverage for Wildfire Loss and residential property insurance in the Wildland-Urban Interface and other high risk areas of California.  (44 Pages)

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