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Looking for something interesting to do while passing the time? Check out the Mastication work done through the Mosquito Fire Safe Council’s grant. You can take a cruise out Rock Creek Road and beginning just past the Mosquito cutoff on the left you will see a vast difference in wildfire fuel vegetation. 

Next, turn right on Gravel Road and check out both sides of the road. Then double back and continue out Rock Creek Road. You won’t believe how much has already been accomplished and it’s just the beginning! 

If you you would rather, pictures of the work are posted on the MosquitoFSC.org website, further down this page.  While you’re there, on the website, print out the checklist (found at the bottom of this section) on Defensible Space and do your own evaluation and see where you stand! I think most of you will find reinforcement that you are doing a pretty good job! 

Keep up the good work, Mosquito residents, and the volunteers of the MosquitoFSC be will able to accomplish even more for the whole community.

Best regards, Jerry Pullin MFSC Grant Coordinator.

Remember, for accurate information and reports, please visit: www.mosquitofsc.org

Stay safe and healthy!

Defensible Space Evaluation form can be found HERE.

assistance for small business owners


 California's  State Treasurer,  Fiona Ma, has compiled a list of resources for small businesses that have been effected by the COVID-19 virus.  If you own a small business please click  "Find Out More" link below.  Assistance is available to  those with a small business to all counties within California, as well as the U.S.


For the younger folks - AGES 2 to 18 - Dinners to go

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The following is a brief report regarding the fire fuels reduction/defensible space grant.

Additional Fuel Reduction grant

The information, below, outlines a new grant proposal to reduce fire fuels along the Mosquito Road section of the Mosquito Fire Protection District (MFPD).  A decision on the grant's fate will be announced in April, 2020.  Thanks go out to Charles Schnell for all his hard work preparing this additional proposal.

UPDATE - April 2020 -  Sadly this sorely needed grant was not approved.  

The  information below was presented at the November 5th meeting regarding the CWPP grant.  The link below is of a short audio only presentation for a snippet of the information from the November 5th meeting.  Click HERE for that audio.

Mosquito Fire Fuels Reduction, Resource Conservation Divide Information. 11-5-2019 (pdf)


Announcement for Oct. 29th parcel owners meeting (pdf)


Mosquito Zoom Project Boundary Map (pdf)


CWPP Grant Q&A (pdf)


El Dorado county ordinance 5101

The county vegetation management ordinance, 5101, is effective May 30, 2019.  A copy of the ordinance can be found below.  However, the county has created an informative set of webpages with a FAQ section as well.  To view those webpages click HERE.

Burn permit

As of May 1, 2019 CalFire is requiring that you

obtain a burn permit.  Good news is that you can save time and do it all online.  Complete their application, submit, and then print out your burn permit all within minutes.

Click HERE to get yours.

They do require you view a short (3 minute) video before you can beginning filling out their online form.  


Assistance for Seniors and vets

Seniors and Veterans Defensible Space Assistance Program

Need assistance with creating a defensible space at your primary residence in El Dorado County's west slope area?  This service is only available to veterans (including surviving spouses) regardless of age and/or seniors age 60 or older, who are financially unable to afford vegetation removal on your property and physically unable to do the work.

Find out more about this free service by clicking HERE.


Mosquito FSC and SCPOA Chipper program.

As a Swansboro resident SCPOA and the Mosquito Fire Safe Council are offering you a 'no cost to you' chipping program.   The request form can be downloaded by clicking the file link below.  Please read the entire form, which can be filled out online, and submit it to the email address located at the bottom of the form.  Important note:  Chipping will be done by SCPOA's maintenance workers.  They will have final determination as to what they will or will not chip.  They will also chip back onto your property so ensure a clear area is available.  As a reminder your time spent to prepare a defensible space,  as well as the SCPOA maintenance team's time,  is an 'in kind' participation and counts towards the grant received from the US Forest Service.  Please download your tracking sheet by clicking below.  Additional program information can be found HERE

PLEASE NOTE: SCPOA's maintenance team needs you to know that they will resume chipping most likely in August.  You should still send in the Wood Chip Request form now to secure your request.  You will be notified when the program starts again later in the year.

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Note: meetings are held on an as needed basis. Meetings are also held monthly in conjunction with the EDC Fire Safe Council. Refer to their website for day and time.