The following is a brief report regarding the fire fuels reduction/defensible space grant.

Additional Fuel Reduction grant

The information, below, outlines a new grant proposal to reduce fire fuels along the Mosquito Road section of the Mosquito Fire Protection District (MFPD).  A decision on the grant's fate will be announced in April, 2020.  Thanks go out to Charles Schnell for all his hard work preparing this additional proposal.

The  information below was presented at the November 5th meeting regarding the CWPP grant.  The link below is of a short audio only presentation for a snippet of the information from the November 5th meeting.  Click HERE for that audio.

Mosquito Fire Fuels Reduction, Resource Conservation Divide Information. 11-5-2019 (pdf)


Announcement for Oct. 29th parcel owners meeting (pdf)


Mosquito Zoom Project Boundary Map (pdf)


CWPP Grant Q&A (pdf)


About Us

Ahead of the fire

An article has been written by the newspapers,  Arizona Republic.  Contributing to it is USA Today.  The article deals with fire preparedness before the fire.  It reports on 11 western states, 5,000 communities and their risk.  Primarily the article reviews the Paradise Fire and uses that catastrophe for comparisons for other vulnerable communities.  It is available for viewing by clicking HERE.


Additionally - State Insurance Commissioner, Ricardo Lara, met with El Dorado County Supervisors and discussed steps the State is looking into regarding the drastic number of home owner's insurance cancellations and non-renewals.  The link will take you to the county's website and write up.  Please note there is an 800# phone call to contact the insurance commissioner's office if you have been cancelled or non-renewed,

Click HERE for the county's article.

El Dorado county ordinance 5101

The county vegetation management ordinance, 5101, is effective May 30, 2019.  A copy of the ordinance can be found below.  However, the county has created an informative set of webpages with a FAQ section as well.  To view those webpages click HERE.

Burn permit

As of May 1st CalFire is requiring that you

obtain a burn permit.  Good news is that you can save time and do it all online.  Complete their application, submit, and then print out your burn permit all within minutes.

Click HERE to get yours.

They do require you view a short (3 minute) video before you can beginning filling out their online form.  


Assistance for Seniors and vets

Seniors and Veterans Defensible Space Assistance Program

Need assistance with creating a defensible space at your primary residence in El Dorado County's west slope area?  This service is only available to veterans (including surviving spouses) regardless of age and/or seniors age 60 or older, who are financially unable to afford vegetation removal on your property and physically unable to do the work.

Find out more about this free service by clicking HERE.



VOLUNTEER - Help make our area fire safe!

Any good plan of action needs support from the community -

Directly below are three downloadable forms.  Each form has been set up for a particular purpose.  Please ensure you provide your name, address, phone number, and email address when using the form(s).  Forms can be downloaded and filled out using any compatible PDF program.  They may also be downloaded, printed, the filled out by hand but then they have to be scanned back to your computer to be able to email.  Adobe Reader is a free PDF program.  It can be downloaded for free by clicking HERE.  

The first form is for those that can volunteer their time, and if possible any equipment or tools, to help prepare properties for fire safety.  Can you operate a chain saw, feed a chipper, remove or cut back a branch, trim a shrub, weed whack, mow?.  Whatever you are good at will be a huge assistance to make the fire safety plan come together.  Help others and others will help you. 

The second form is for those that wish to participate but aren't 100% sure as to the who, what, when, and where that may be expected.  If you are interested in creating a defensible space and improving your household please use that contact box to begin your process of getting involved.  As more folks begin to sign up more information will be provided to you.

The third form is to keep track of your time and materials.  This form should be used by everyone, whether you are volunteering to help others, or can only work on your own property.  Things such as your time, materials expense,  hiring others, renting equipment and the like can all be applied to the 'in-kind' portion of the grant.

More information will become available as this program is just beginning.  Evaluations will only begin after the State mandated training which will be in late March.  However - don't wait to download and complete forms.  Also - if you do work on your property please begin using the 'Tracking Log' form immediately.


volunteer to help on a work team

The file below is a fillable PDF form you can download and fill and then email.  Use this form if you wish to help on a team.  Maybe you can help weed whack, or trim shrubs or trees.  Possibly split wood, or use your chainsaw to help remove a tree.  Whatever you can help with on a team of workers is needed and greatly appreciated.  Your volunteering of your time and use of equipment all helps fulfill the 'in-kind' portion of the CWPP grant.  Help folks on their property and folks will help you on yours.

Request an evaluation of your property

Use this file to request an evaluation of your property to see if improvements are needed to make it more fire safe.  You can download the file and fill it out using a PDF compatible program, or download it, print it out and fill in by hand.  Then email it to the address at the bottom of the form.

Tracking Log, You'll need this one

Whether you join a work team to help others, or if you only have time for your own property you need this form.  The purpose of this form is to keep track of your time, equipment used, fuel expenditures, and to briefly describe the work done.  For example:  Weed whacked 1/4 acre at 6770 Sluice St,  2hours.  Used 1/2 gallon of fuel mix costing $1.75.  The time reported, and the fuel cost in this example are then computed to submitted to the grantor as an 'in-kind' expenditure.  The top section lists the type of work, location, time spent; the lower section is for listing equipment, fuel, any associated costs.  The form can be used for multiple locations if needed.  An email address is located at the bottom of the form.  As with the other forms this one is also fillable in any compatible PDF program, or can be filled out by hand.  An example log is also downloadable below.

Mosquito FSC and SCPOA Chipper program.

As a Swansboro resident SCPOA and the Mosquito Fire Safe Council are offering you a 'no cost to you' chipping program.   The request form can be downloaded by clicking the file link below.  Please read the entire form, which can be filled out online, and submit it to the email address located at the bottom of the form.  Important note:  Chipping will be done by SCPOA's maintenance workers.  They will have final determination as to what they will or will not chip.  They will also chip back onto your property so ensure a clear area is available.  As a reminder your time spent to prepare a defensible space,  as well as the SCPOA maintenance team's time,  is an 'in kind' participation and counts towards the grant received from the US Forest Service.  Please download your tracking sheet by clicking HERE.  Additional program information can be found HERE

PLEASE NOTE: SCPOA's maintenance team needs you to know that they will resume chipping most likely in August.  You should still send in the Wood Chip Request form now to secure your request.  You will be notified when the program starts again later in the year.

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